Little Notions of a Luddite

This is where I keep the records of my life.
In a pile on the floor.

[All photos are my own unless otherwise noted.
Be kind and keep it signed.]

Developed some black and white stuff from the Great Adventure Out West.

More to come once I get them developed!

Taken by me.

Cameraphone and D7000.

Just because some things are just too pretty to take one picture.

Happy birthday to me!

Getting ready to head out to the Slutcracker and then bar hop till I’m overwhelmed with Manhattan-infused joy and Dark&Stormy giggles.

So thankful for all the love from my friends and family and can’t wait for the rest of this weekend!


Lonely cutlery.

Seattle, WA.


The Ballerina Project is one of my photo guilty pleasures.

I can easily submerge myself in these prints without once looking up for a gulp of air.

If only they would come to Boston more often.

Those times that you really wished you had your camera on you.

Copley Square.

Boston, MA.


Tattoo portraits.

Seattle, WA.


Stack ‘em up.

Vancouver, BC.


Read this article in the Dig!

I am so proud of my beautiful friends. And I love seeing you near naked, Ellis! Though it’s true, Paul’s privates will forever have you beat in the exposure-meter…




Even though I first saw Paul’s artwork on a dinky iphone screen, it did not cease to shock me. The detailed drawing was of a pair of delicate hands wrapped around a flaccid penis. Initially I thought, ‘maybe Paul just has that dick drawing obsession like Seth from   Superbad,’ but now that I’ve seen more of him and his work, I understand what he’s getting at. Paul is presenting an alternative take on the male body and notions of gender by using conventional art forms like drawing and etching to depict counter cultural ideas.

Ok, everybody has to go read about Paul RIGHT NOW

omg this is so weird. so i was reading about him kinda thinking he looks familiar, and then i get to the part that says the drawing is of his boyfriend Ellis and Ellis is one of the people that works at the LGBTQ center at my school. I kinda feel weird that i recognized him though, cause i actually don’t know really know Ellis and I don’t know his boyfriend at all. But I had come across his facebook page once when trying to find someone and in his tagged pictures on the top of the page there’s a picture of him and his boyfriend so I guess I weirdly remembered it from there. 

Haha, hi hello! If you’re ever by the LGBTQ Student Center you should stop in and say hey! I try to generally be a nice person most of the time.

I realized that as Paul’s work gets more attention, I’ll have to accept the fact that lots of people who know me (and even more people who don’t) will have seen representations of me naked or in my underwear.

I am a shy person, but it’s alright. Anyway, way more people have seen Paul’s dick, so we’re pretty much even, I guess.

Post-Halloween brunch topped off with a viewing of Nightmare Before Christmas will now be a tradition for years to come.

Jamaica Plain.


Halloweekend was an absolute success.

Stevie Nicks and Scary Spice are more than willing to attest on my behalf.


Post-Stanley Cup riots.

Vancouver, BC.